Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tis the Season

What a wonder the desert of southern CA is this AM. Mother Nature granted my Christmas wish ~ it's snowing, hard and huge and it's sticking to everything. We've got maybe two inches so far. Yay from this transplant from Maine!

I remember the winters of my childhood on eventful, surprising days like this. No school announcements! Skating, snowman building, flying saucers and toboggans too, with all of us dressed up like the Michelin man in our snowsuits and layers, triple socks, two pairs of mittens (attached with clips or a hand crocheted chain that went through our sleeves and dangled from the openings), scarfs wrapped as many times as they could be and heavy woolen caps all askew.

Everyone it seems took a day off for winter activities when the sledding or skating was good, even the adults ... well not the moms but usually the dads and Uncle Mitch if he was around. Chapped faces, snotty noses, and the cold though I don't really remember being bothered by the cold. None of us were until the day was done and we headed home; noses, fingers and toes frozen.

But ahhhhhhhhh ... hot cocoa, the good kind made with milk and topped with marshmallow Fluff enjoyed in the warmth of home, usually complemented by some sort of chewy, stewy something or other cooking on the old oil stove. Life seemed a lot simpler then.


  1. Great Snow Pics you in the Pink Hoodie!

  2. Thanks so much for following me, I'll be sure to come back and view more of your posts soon. :) Wow, would you look at that snow? I sure miss California, we've lived both in Southern and northern, and we miss them both terribly!! :)