Thursday, February 11, 2010

Catching a Needed Break In My Art

Yeah, so I was stuck and could not move past it ...what to do, what to do? Continue to moan to my friends, mope around and keep chasing myself in over analyzing and self criticism or find a way to break through this? Being me, I eventually headed off into uncharted territory to tackle some techniques and realism. Akkkkkkkkkkkk! I have resisted that idea for so long I'd talked myself into thinking I could not paint realistically or with what I call fussy precision. (I know my friend Cindi is laughing if she's reading this).

I like chunky paint and slap-happy brush strokes for the most part but I'd signed up for the Refined Blending class taught by Sue Pruett, MDA at quite a while back and a deadline was looming to get going on it. Sooooooooooooo off I went cause sheesh, who willingly throws money away in this economy?

Actually I won the class but that's another story and if I'd not begun, I would have faced buying it some other time. Still I didn't hold out any great hope to be able to actually do the painting above. Ha! Sometimes I think I am crazy 'cause apparently I do have the skills to do it just fine. I am my own worst enemy. Can ya relate? There are times when I just need to knuckle down and explore. Good things happen when I do that so I need to remember that lesson. My latest painting is my newest very good thing and I couldn't be more pleased with my result. So now I am blessedly unstuck and moving forward once again. Life is good and I am happy.

As always, if you drop by to see if I've also been here, thank you. Psssstttt I love you Mom cause I know you do drop by. ~ Amber