Saturday, December 13, 2008

New Day ~ New Venture

My buddy Suzie Wymola was talking 'bout blogging so here goes. I'm a good sport though I am also admittedly working blindly here, never having 'blogged' before. Ah well, it's said we stay young if we keep challenging our brains.

I have been thinking lately about living on purpose or perhaps to clarify let me paraphrase and simply call it living with purpose. I do try to do that but being human, of course I falter ~ often too. The key though (I think) is to re-correct as needed and get going again.

Along that line of thought and since I am nearing 55 years (my God! how can it be so many decades already?), tonight I am doing something I have wanted to do since I was a little girl ! That is ... to see The Nutcracker. Granted it's only a local production but that doesn't matter one bit. I am going and that's that. Each year it comes and I always find sensible (meaning $) reasons to not buy tickets. This evening (and as I think of it, this blog too) marks a purposeful day.


  1. Gotcha! Now where did that pic come from?

  2. Amber, I love that cool pic of you and the Cat!!

  3. Welcome to the Blogosphere and thank you for being one of my followers! I look forward to seeing your work.