Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Shortest Day ~ First Day of Winter

Happy winter. Tomorrow the days begin to lengthen little by little. I always look forward to this day in the year, just as much as I look forward to that time when we move our clocks ahead in spring.

No ... I am not in any way, hurrying my life by but in my bones I am a mild season person I 'spose. I love the long days of light so much more than the bleak and cold days of fall and winter. Peace to the seasons though. I long ago found an acceptance of it all. Balance and compromise. Hmmm, a lesson for living eh? I am ever hopeful in that ebb and flow ~ the life dance I call it.

Despite some mild wintry blahs that seemed to influence my mood the last month or so, it's also the time to look forward and begin thinking of garden season; time to muse on the veggies I want to plant, the ways I'll do things different this year (not quite as many tomato plants for instance) and relocating Den's artichokes. They get so huge! I'll add more herbs this year and be fearless in cutting back all that chocolate mint. It smells lovely though when brushed against. More frequent sowing of greens too for fresh leafy salads and lots more beets too! What a great way to contemplate the first day of winter. :>)


  1. Hello Amber and welcome to blogland! I was in the coop and now I am lost in Blogland! HELP! I started a blog the first of I have 4 blogs...COL! that is why I need help! But! I have met sooooo many wonderful new friends...Lots of Artist too...I do like the mixed media art...I did try to paint longago and plan to pick up the brushes in 2009...I am a great-granny....I always dreamed of visiting the State of Maine....I too am a animal lover...I am too young at's my outside body that decided to change!
    Have fun!
    Merry Christmas!
    Judy aka goldenegghen

  2. Patty's PaintingDecember 26, 2008 at 7:39 PM

    Hi Amber, I love that others like the 'buzz' in the AM! Patty down in Orange County.