Monday, December 15, 2008

The Date!

As I mentioned the other day, The Nutcracker Ballet was on for Saturday night. Den was a very good sport despite some ribbing from neighbor Bill. Our theater LPAC (that would be Lancaster Performing Arts Center) is a small and intimate but also very, very nice. It was the first time we've had balcony seats so we were a bit stage right but for a ballet, I think that's a good thing 'cause you can see it all vs watching at eye level. I had a wonderful time, the ballet company was complemented by now professional dancers who started here in the AV.

So back to the date aspect of 'our' evening. In the hustle and bustle of daily life and the dance it weaves, we probably all take advantage of those whom we love. This is a public thank you to Dennis who puts up with so much, living with me! I love you for taking me to the ballet (no matter what Bill said about it!) You are just the best my love and I won't tell Bill you clapped at least as loudly and often as the rest of us did. :>)

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