Saturday, May 9, 2009

In Memory of Sue Mitchell aka Aunt Biddy Sue

I went looking at Susie's blogs and this entry in her very own words sums up Sue best I think. Rest in eternal peace good lady. You will be forever missed but always in our hearts so until we meet again one day, God's peace to all of us. We never know when He will beckon us towards home. Mend broken things with others this day for tomorrow it may be too late to hear a sweet voice or to read sage words written by those we have come to admire with fondness.
~ Amber aka mzchiclets

Susie Mitchell
I'm a Christian...saved by the grace of God through the shed blood of Jesus. I know where I'm bound and I like sharing Jesus with the folks I meet. I'm a decorative artist...I like painting country landscapes, animals, and occasional portraits. I enjoy writing family stories and just sharing my thoughts. I'm a sometimes poet and song writer...a lover of life. I enjoy trips to look at the scenery, taking in historical sites, visiting friends & family, and shopping in less crowded stores. I like epic movies and visiting quaint little towns off the beaten path. I enjoy good food shared with loved ones. I am a keeper of heart treasures...memories that bring a smile when I think of them. These days my steps are pretty slow...but, I love to walk down country fish from a river bank...secluded and sheltered from highway noise and from places where people live...a place where it seems you can be alone with God and nature. I like to watch at dawn as sunlight chases away the darkness...and in the evening twilight as darkness consumes the day. For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. Romans 10:13


  1. I'm so glad you have this memory written by Sue, herself. It gives one insight into her core and we can see her beauty.

  2. Thanks for the memory! She was "som'thing else" for sure. She will be missed!