Sunday, May 17, 2009


This was taken by my BFF Jeanne ~ honest she really is and has been since we were in the 6th grade and BFF was an acronym way off into the far future. Anyhoo it's a shot of our grand daughter Chaeli, taken in the backyard the first weekend in May. Isn't she a darling? We think so though of course we are a bit biased I suppose.

Yesterday Chaeli and her mama left our home as Casey heads towards a new life in northern California. We pray they go with God and know He has a plan for them we are yet to comprehend. Our home is very hollow and quiet this AM; we are all missing them beyond belief ... even the dogs are looking look bereft and my eyes leaked again this morning at about what would be the usual time for Miss Chaeli to come greet her Nonie and try to play with the keyboard. Now I understand how my mom must have felt.

Peace to all parents and grand parents who must come to terms with their young ones growing up and leaving the family nest.


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