Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Deco Art Traditions Paints

Most of you know I am an artist and some of you know I happily endorse Deco Art Traditions Acrylic artist grade pigments and mediums, a product line that has always been manufactured and wholly owned by Deco Art in Stanford, Kentucky, USA. <----- yay! Made in America. I like that too. Lately I have read in a few on line places that this wonderful product line has been 'retired' so I have decided to use my personal blog, my place of peace and musing, to correct the blantantly inaccurate information, masquerading as 'fact' in some sectors of cyberspace. Let me state too, for the record that I support the pursuit of business success but with an expectation that business dealings really should be conducted with honor, integrity and simple truths. Suffice it to say that word-play, however clever, doesn't set well with me and quite honestly, it angers me plus it makes me suspicious of the veracity of the person using it. Deco Art Traditions, fomerly branded with the JansenArt logo (for which royalties were paid) has not ~ do let me repeat that ~ has not been 'retired' as is being bandied about in some circles. All formulas and the properties we have come to expect and admire will remain exactly the same as always. Do not be fooled by the glib innuendo you may read or hear about. Do your own research just like I have. Speak with respectable and respected artists and industry business people about this matter to ascertain what is fact and what is fiction. Some people will give ya 'spin' in an effort to self promote at any cost, while others quietly speak simple truths, knowing that ultimately those simple truths speak volumes.

Peace to all who come here. I am a live and let live person but when I read self serving lies that hurt the livelioods of others I feel convicted to speak up for truth and plain speak.

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