Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Blessings on This Day

I always count the simple things in my life as blessings and Mother Nature never fails to make me smile.

For all the years I have lived here in the high desert of southern California ~ 24 now! (how is that possible??) Time does fly as the saying goes but I digress. I started to say that I have been watching those amazing little jewels, hummingbirds or hummers as we call them but today I saw a scene I've never seen before.

As is my early morning habit, I hit the back patio where I have several raised beds, two newly planted with veggies, to begin my day. Because I don't have a solar timer yet for my gardens I must turn them on manually twice daily, a chore but one I enjoy. It gives me time to putter around, pluck out few weeds, tuck a straying bit of whatever here or there, count the beneficial ladybugs hard at work, doing their volunteer job on the pesky ashids and in general, have a look at the new life in my gardens.

This morning I was treated to a tiny hummer, landing on the ground to enjoy his morning bath in the overflow from the small sprinklers. I watched him do this three times. What a wonder! What a blessing. I have never seen a hummer land on the ground and walk around. I was charmed by the magic of this. Perhaps I won't shop for that solar timer after all. Life is good and small gifts are best!

Peace to all who stop by to pause and take in my rambles here. And oh ... plant a few things for the bees, hummers and butterflies. You'll quickly connect to that peaceful and profound place inside your own soul, that speaks to the joy of simple things too.

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