Friday, January 16, 2009

EDM First Sketch

To sketch or not to sketch. I have forgotten how I think but I will improve with time, perseverence and challenge. Ha! This one is from a group I belong to called Everyday Matters. I am new there so just finding my way about. I will learn how to add their logo (?) here. So much to do, so much to learn. They say that's good for the ol' gray matter so I keep pushing and pulling to encourage continued firing ~ LOL. This is rough, very rough and my waterproof pen smeared but that may have been the watercolor medium I used in my paint too. I resisted futzing and fretting and worked very quickly so I would not chicken out. The talent at EDM is amazing so I've decided to simply post my first efforts here instead of there. Be kind now please.

Anyhoo this week's challenge at EDM was one about what they call it/ what we call it. You know ... different names in various parts of the world for things. I chose molasses and gingerbread (here in the USA) but in the UK, I believe that would be treacle and treacle sponge though on my gingerbread box I found this quote. "Had I but one penny in the world, thou shouldst have it for gingerbread." William Shakespeare. Perhaps it was updated for modern sales through Trader Joe's.


  1. I'm like you...right now i have to sketch it down quickly so i don't overthink it and let my little inner critic take over! This is a great sketch! ; )

  2. Great sketch and good to just post it... i go through the same thing but i know i won't progress till i juts get on with it and stop comparing myself to anyone else.