Tuesday, January 6, 2009

No excuses for not adding to mah blog except life, sweet life

I have been mulling through lots of things, trying to find a suitable topic to muse on. It's 2009 and that's noteworthy to be sure but I seem a tad late to be commenting on the newest turn of time. I made no grand resolutions ~ not new as I generally don't. :>) Mostly I am just happy to mark the change and date be grateful to be alive.

I always seem to rise early these days. Does this happen more as one ages do you think? I don't seem to require so many hours of sleep and I relish my first cup of coffee alone in the quiet of a new day ... that of course after dealing with the feeding of two squalling cats who one might think from their sounds of starving insistence, that they had not eaten in days. So not true as they are free fed dry food and always have a full bowl ~ LOL. The furry cannibals want their wet food of a morning though and woe to me if I stop to pee or make the coffee first. Then it's out to fetch the paper that I sometimes hear slap the drive at o'dark o'clock (between 3 and 4AM) as the carrier heaves it from his vehicle.

The days grow longer and I've already commented on how much I like that. The birds must be like me (or I like them) as they are rising earlier too. Sometimes I sit out back, sipping my fresh ground, dark roast coffee and listen as the world awakens. Sometimes I am lucky enough to hear the whoosh-whoosh of a raven or two as they wing over my head. Nice!

Peace to the earth, peace to the days, peace to the people I love.

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