Friday, January 9, 2009

Chaeli-bug Christmas Week 2008

Introducing Miss Chaeli in her Christmas finery ~ LOL. Her other grandmother bought it for her so she was a cutie patootie for the holiday. Amazing that she'll be five months old in a few days. She's sitting in the corner of the couch in our living room looking up at her Nonie (me). I'm grateful she's a good natured lil thing and tell her Mama she has no idea just how lucky she is about that aspect of things. Being a single mom is hard enough at the best of times but having a 'good' baby makes things easier than they might otherwise be.


  1. 'morning Amber,
    You enjoy the online classes but are they also motivating? My energy for art has flown out the window (or somewhere). Read your blog and enjoyed getting to know you. I'm assuming that you're a new member of EDM because your blog is so new. I'm right around your age and find that I see many more mornings than I used to. A fact that thrills me as I always have wanted to be an early bird rather than the night owl. Welcome fellow artist to EDM. Have fun! ps Cute GBaby

  2. What a gorgeous photo! Sooo cute.