Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Musing from the Desert

It's chilly and a storm is moving in though the sun is out of bed and smiling. The birds are singing too, some gathering nesting materials, others already feeding little peeping miniatures of themselves. Most evident are the two mockers who continue to terrorize my poor indoor-outdoor cat. They also are dive bombing us a little too. They always make me laugh and then I think what good role models they are for parents.

Life is good ... busy and interesting as always. About the only thing that might improve it a bit, is for me to find a job ... not that I really want to punch a time-clock or be accountable to a boss type but still, it would help and besides it might be healthy for me to interact with others in real time.

Now these photos are for my mom. What a surprise to answer the phone early yesterday AM and hear your voice Mom. I miss you, I love you and wish I could just drive across town to visit for real! Lastly, tomorrow is my youngest sister's birthday so Happy Birthday Missy ... eat some cake!

As always peace to any who pause here for awhile. ~ Amber

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