Friday, December 4, 2009


Cursed winter (not really but) ... I know we need it for balance and because spring can't get here if we jump over it but sometimes I wish I could be like the bears who hiburnate. It's just a hard time of year for me ya know? Which is not to say I don't get up and put one foot in front of the other everyday cause I do. (I even washed the floors today so there!) :>) Thank God even in the midst of 'whatever' I am a pretty hopeful and positive person. I am blessed with a sisterhood of some brilliant, sensitive, fellow artists each day too on Cindi E's group. They help me to stay sane and out of self each day. We got each other's backs as the saying goes.

I have much to be grateful for too (even in winter!) ... pretty good health, a loving family, a wonderful man, an adorable grand daughter, my critters, my faith <---------- oh yes that's a biggie and I not being a smart #ss about that. Now if I could just find a job right now.

Peace to all who wander by ... even in cursed winter. Smiles to the hummingbirds who came by today and chittered at me. You cheered me and made me smile.
Psssstt ~ I love the tree picture above. A dance by Mother Nature in her fullness ... very NOT winter huh?

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  1. Amber, your tree is beautiful , almost like a ballet artist in pose. Where is this tree?