Sunday, November 1, 2009

November already? Yikes

How can this be? Only this month and next before we do that countdown 'til 2010? Time flies when you're having fun or is it that time waits for no one, that it rolls on and you can't get it back? Yep all those things and more when we dwell on time.

I am staying busy with my art journey, continuing to work through my Traditions Modules and painting the lessons at the Traditions Art School. Life is good and I feel blessed.

Blessed too because my sister Debbie came for an overnight last week. Sister time is always good and we've vowed to not let two years go by until our next face to face <---- there's that ol' time thing again.

Halloween was fun with Miss Chaeli bug dressed up as a lion, complete with painted whiskers and a red nose. Too cute! Time marches on here too I see. Time, time, time! It's our most precious personal resource so my advice is, make good use of it whatever you do each day.
As always, peace to you and thank you for dropping by to spend a little of your own time with me today.


  1. So adorable,cutest lion I have ever seen !!
    Hugs, Laura. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Amber, she is ADORABLE!!!!