Wednesday, July 22, 2009

For the Birds ~ ATC Collage

Yikes ... you have to know I have not done any collage work in years (well I confess to decades actually ~ LOL).
I recently joined a Yahoo group called Art for the Creative Mind. The poor owner bemoans (not really) the fact that I am primarily a paint and brush artist but continues to encourage all of us to think outside of self imposed creative boxes. She offers an amazing array of swaps to join in (or not) and I have to confess collaging once again was lots more enjoyable and successful than I figured it'd be. I am glad though my first foray back to this kind of art had a very specific size though.

My two ATC's have gone travelling to their new home in Canada. I really had fun doing something so different than my usual art. :>) I even used items that I had on hand and wonder of wonders, I have been exploring more collage art on the Web and even bought a wonderful book (second-hand of course because I am frugal by nature.) Oh ... the book you ask? Collage Discovery Workshop by Claudine Hellmuth. It's chock full of great basic collage techniques!

Peace to all who stop by and visit here. I appreciate your interest in my interests. Do something different to keep poking at your own creative muse. You never know what you might discover.
Amber AKA Mz Chiclets


  1. Your atcs are wonderful Amber. Great go girl.

  2. Love your ATC's! Hummers are one of my favorite little creatures.